Nothing Will Change [Single]

by Negative Measures

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released April 25, 2016



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Negative Measures Brighton, UK

Negative Measures. Loud, Heavy Punk. Brighton.

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Track Name: Nothing Will Change
Superstition caught my eye
Bringing about this fear to die
A level mind, but a drained repetition
Heavy handed in a daze
It lives in everything you crave
The stolen words that skew an admission
Beating out this thought of loss
A little break to steer my course
And I know actions need my permission
Yet there's nothing to imply
The fact that I don't want to die
I only try to brush that ambition

Are you a defeatist in your own head?
Pushing against everything you dread
Hold it inside, it's no loss of time
Nothing will change

Are you alive
Breathing inside
Aware of your own sense of pride
Know that you're just a reaction
A result of good and bad
All clustered in a moving bag
Of bones, memory
A living contraption
Does your ego let you in
Or shut of every little thing
I should know that my truth is just interaction
These compulsions blind the way
I'll leave it for another day
It's only my own revulsion

Trust and loyalty all turn dust
Confidence in a chance left to rust
Burn a grin, take all on the chin
It's only me, a old dark impulsion